Who I am – Homepage

I am June,
and I am a sub.

I have plenty and plenty of questions I need answering to. Things have been stuck in my head for days on end now and I am in need to release what is on my mind. Therefore I have figured to blog.

The voice of Submission.
The word itself may sound scary, odd – a mis-concept often seen. I am here to speak up forth of what I personally experience of submission. Everyone has their own opinion about this and I’d like to say that in my blog I ask for mutual respect and understanding for we are all different and we all experience joy in life in different roads and with other reasonings.

I shall write as how I would within a personal journal – a way to release who and what I am, what I do and where I stand.
Within a couple of days, my life has been drastically turned due some events that I have described within Who we are – a post that shortly describes my relationship with David and where it started – Our beginning.
The post Submission briefly explains my own personal look upon submission and D/s relationships and how society has their own views, too.

I keep track of two Journals.
Our First Contact – Present” – Here I speak of my life as a sub named jane, the name that David has given me. Because we only recently got in contact with each other, it is still all fairly new – hence I call it Our First Contact. Only since end January 2014 we met each other and from that point on our relationship is currently growing more and more, deeper and more loving as every day passes.
June – A Journal” – This is my own personal diary which I wanted to separate from my journal as a sub. Here I’ll most likely post random entries now and then to release whatever that is on my mind non-related to my life as a sub.

The Past – Inactive” is a journal that I kept active when I was with my previous partner. I didn’t wish to erase these entries because at that time, they ment something important to me. It is still a part of me despite that I’ve moved on and out of respect I keep them in a separate category.
Chapter Zero – Own” is an extra page I made where I’ll sometimes post short stories not based on actual events but purely allowing my imagination to flow and write out whatever hot desires pop into my head..

If you’re interested and would like a sneak peek within a rather taboo relationship, then by all means, do continue reading..

A young submissive..